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LED Pillar Candle Real Wax Flameless Battery Powered 25cm

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- 25cm tall wax pillar candle with amber flicker flame for realistic candle effect without the risks of heat or fire

- LED flame without heat or smoke for safe candle light at parties, events with a no real flame policy and homes with children and pets

- Battery powered candles. Requires 3x AA batteries to get the flame flickering. Lasts over 24 hours on brand new Duracell batteries

- Made of real wax. LED flame flickers just like a real candle. Use in candle holder, vases and lanterns

- Dimensions: 25cm height, 10cm diameter. Use all 3 assorrted sizes together for a table centerpiece or home and event decoration

Elegant 25cm LED pillar candle with led flicker flame that can transform your home, wedding or party with the realistic candle light. 25cm tall, the flameless pillar candle can decorate staircases, table centres and entrances. Made of real wax and with a flickering amber LED flame, it can add a gentle decoration and light to homes and venues.

The battery operated pillar candle works on 3x AA batteries that will ignite the amber glow. With the fake flame giving off no heat or smoke, this led church candle is safe to use at home with children and pets and at venues that don't allow real flame candles.

Let the led pillar candle last all weekend long at events or many cosy evenings with the 24+ hour battery life on brand new Duracell batteries


- Height: 25cm
- Diameter: 10cm
- Weight: 560g
- Battery: 3x AA (not included)

What you get

- 1 x 25cm LED wax pillar candle

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