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Solar Fountain Pump Water Feature Garden Pond Pump 2W 70cm


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- Premium 50cm solar fountain with powerful 2W solar panel- Use it as a water fountain or as a water feature (clear plastic tubing included)

- No clunky cables, no mains power, rapid set-up. For highly portable, highly flexible water displays

- Three nozzles for different fountain effects. Float pad included for easy installation in deep water

- Long-life, reliable, maintenance-free brushless motor

Always wanted to incorporate a water fountain into your garden, but couldn't stand the idea of clunky mains cabling? Or perhaps a water feature - without the complicated set-up of a fountain for koi ponds.

This premium 50cm solar fountain from PK Green can be used as both, and that too, with no mains power, no dangerous cabling and a rapid 3 minute set-up. Combine that with a maintenance-free motor and no electricity costs, it saves you hassle, time and money.

In optimum conditions, the powerful 2W solar panel in combination with the brushless pump is capable of delivering a 70cm water lift (tube head height). Three different nozzles are included for a range of fountain effects, and the nifty float pad allows easy installation in deeper water. If you plan to use the pump as a water feature, we've got that covered too. We include 70cm of clear plastic tubing so that it's ready to use for that intricate water feature you have in mind.

We're so confident that you'll love this fountain - we offer a lifetime warranty as standard. The reason? Well, the koi pond pump has state-of-the-art features ensuring countless years of use. It has a brushless motor with no failure-prone carbon brush and shaft seal - this means minimal maintenance is needed, and affords a robust, lengthy service life for the pump. It is extremely quiet, courtesy of the in-built ceramic axis.


- Solar panel: 2W, 6V
- Panel dimensions: 19cm width x 13.5cm height x 2cm thick
- Operation voltage: DC 6V
- Maximum water height: 0.7m @ 6V
- Maximum flow rate: 170 Litres per hour @ 6V
- Built-in flow rate regulator dial
- Cable length: 5m
- Pump dimensions: 7cm length x 3cm width x 5cm high

What you get

- Solar fountain pump with 5m cable
- 3 different nozzles
- 2W solar panel with ground stake
- Float pad
- 1m length clear plastic tubing
- Instruction manual

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