3.5W Polycrystalline Solar Panel for Small Solar Projects

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- 3.5W solar panel

- Ideal for 3.5w pond aerator and 1.25m fountain kit

- 6V power supply for PKSAP + PKSAPB fountains

- Dimensions: 25.5 x 17 x 2 cm

- Watts: 3.5, Volts: 7.68

Replacement 3.5 solar panel for small solar projects, solar fountain kits, aerators and DC bulbs.

Ideal for 3.5w aerator kit and 1.25m fountain with battery backup. Use for PKSAP + PKSAPB kits.

Panel comes with a ground spike and rest to position panel in best sunlight


- Type: Solar Module
- Model: GSP3.5-16
- Max. Power: 3.5W
- Max. Power Voltage: 7.68V
- Max. Power Current: 0.456A
- Open Circuit Voltage: 9.28V
- Short Circuit Current: 0.539A
- Tolerance: -5%/+5%
- Dimensions: 17cm height, 25.5cm width, 2cm thickness

What you get

- 1x 3.5w solar panel
- 1x adjustable ground spike

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