Paper Candle Lanterns and Battery Tealights Set of 4 - Star

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- Set of 4 paper candle bags with battery operated tealights.

- Create stunning lighting effects through star design. The battery tealights will illuminate the pattern for a comforting and warming glow.

- The lantern bags create a unique magical atmosphere. Great for adding a decorative light at weddings, events and formal occasions.

- Suitable for holding LED candles as decoration and table centerpieces

- Choose from amber or white battery tealights. Operated on CR2032 batteries - available from PKGreen

Second to none, these candle bags make a unique event light with the gentle candle flame. With a cut out star pattern, the design will stand out against the glow of the battery tealights.

Whether decorating wedding venues, garden parties or special occasions, the simplistic candle lanterns can add an illuminated display.

From table centres, to decorating windowsills walls and on steps, the flameproof paper lanterns are be used for outdoor events, bringing a magical atmosphere in decorative lighting. Use for everyday events or bring out at Christmas, birthdays or celebratory festivals.


- Height: 27cm
- Length: 14.5cm
- Width: 9cm

What you get

- Set of 4 candle bags with star design
- Set of 4 battery tealights in the colour flame of your choice

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