4 x 9V Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries 300mAh Rechargeable

SKU: RechargeableNiMH_9Vx4

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- This high capacity long life battery is perfect for everyday use in any gadget which is powered by a 9V battery

- This 9V battery is also known as a PP3, and is commonly used in devices such as : Transistor radios, smoke detectors, crabon monoxide alarms, guitar effect units, and radio controlled vehicles

- Quantity: 4

- Operating voltage: 9V, Capacity: 300 mAh

- Top quality, will work in low or high temperatures

Set of 4 rechargeable batteries. The idea batteries for everyday gadgets and devices such as smoke detectors, radios and remote controlled vehicles.

The batteries are 9V and 300mAh, providing a long lasting life.

The batteries will work in low and high temperatures, perfect for most devices in almost every setting.

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