Rechargeable LED Hanging Pendant Light, 40cm Colour Changing Ball Orb

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- 40cm rechargeable hanging ball lamp with colour changing LED light. Perfect portable ceiling mood light for home, event, wedding, party, lounge, coffee shop, restaurant

- Remote included for a full range of LED static colours (including white) and colour changing effects

- Rechargeable LED lamp with mains adaptor and cable. Lightweight for portable mood lighting with no worry of mains power or messy cables

- Charge sphere with mains adaptor included. Long lasting 6-8 hour battery life. Material - PE Plastic

- Note: this lamp is not bright enough to light up a whole room, it is best used as accent or mood lighting

This 40cm hanging sphere light will add a fun LED mood light to your home, party venue or special event. With a 1.5m sturdy cable, the ball lamp will hang easily to add a fresh lighting style to your ceiling or as venue decoration.

The led sphere has a rechargeable battery for an easy and convenient light without any messy cable or main power required. Use above table centres at weddings and dinner events.

The colourful led light is controlled with the remote included. Have a field day choosing between the range of 16 static led colours. Need a fun party light? The ball can also flash, strobe, smoothly and gradually colour change.

The ball lamp will glow for a long lasting 6 - 8 hours (depending on selected colour). Charge the orb lamp back up with the main adaptor and cable included. Charge by the attached port on the ceiling base or detach the ball from the ceiling and plug the cable into the ball base.

*Please note: when you first receive the item please fully charge for 6-8 hours then press the button on the LED base to switch it on. The remote will only work after the button is switched on.



- Diameter: 40cm
- Weight: 1.7kg
- Battery life: up to 6-8 hours on full charge
- Charge time: 6 hours
- Hanging Cable: 1.5m length

What you get

- Rechargeable hanging ball lamp, with built-in hanging cable and ceiling fixture
- Remote control
- Mains adaptor

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