48 Diwali Diya LED Amber Tealights

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- Premium PK Green battery powered tea lights with a soft flickering amber glow

- Diwali diya. Indoors or can be left outdoors (protect from water)

- Completely safe: no naked flames and no hot wax

- Long battery life: candles will last for 24-48 hours continuously, or a week if used 4-6 hours a day

- Set of 48 Diwali lights in a gift box. Ready to use with batteries installed

Bring the festival of lights to life with our set of 48 DIYA amber LED tealights. Illuminate your home to celebrate the festivities in a pool of amber tealights, no worries of wax or wires.

Small and portable, the LED candles are a perfect decorations to dot around the home or brighten up your windowsills. A happy atmopshere will radiate along with the flames, to bring a warming feeling for the whole festival.

Realistic with a flickering flame effect, fool your friends into beliving your candles are real flame tealights. With replaceable batteries, never let the amber light go out, simply switch the CR2032 batteries to keep them alive. The powerful battery will provide 24-48 hours of continuous LED flames.


- Height: 4.3cm (including flame)
- Diameter: 3.6cm
- Battery requirements: 1 x CR2032 battery in each candle (included, replaceable, and extra batteries available from PK Green)

What you get

- 48 amber LED candles in a colour gift box.

Similar style tea lights are available in amber, colour changing, day white, warm white, red, blue, pink and green colour.See the range of Diwali lights.

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