Red 5 Metre 1.4mm EL Wire With Battery Box Neon Tube Glowing Strobing

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- A ready to use 5m EL wire kit

- Uniform coloured glow

- Very durable & flexible, can be bent to any shape to create images or signs

- Display your creativity through your hand craft

- 2 Modes, Constant & Flashing - can easily switch mode by sliding button up or down

  • Very low power consumption means longer battery life

  • The super flexible EL wire is ideal for all crafts, costumes, sign designs and seasonal decorations. The wire can be shaped into fun letters and signs to create a bright and eye-catching decoration.

    Use within clothing and other flammable materials. The wire is safe with a cool to touch exterior and non toxic.

    The wire will glow a bright red light with a 360 degree shine. The EL wire has more benefits than traditional neon lighting including more cost- effective, energy efficient being powered on 2x AA batteries (not included) and really easy to install and operate.


    - Length: 5m
    - Colours available: blue, red, pink, amber, purple, icy white
    - Thickness: 1.4mm
    - Battery box measures: 9cm x 3cm x 2cm
    - Powered by 2 AA alkaline disposable batteries (not included)

    What you get

    - 1 x 5m, 1.4mm EL Wire - Red
    - 1x Battery box

    Please note: EL wires are very flexible but should not be subject to repeated stress in the same area, or tied in tight knots.

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