50 LED Fairy String Lights Amber Timed Indoor Decor Set of 2


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- 50 LED amber string lights for indoor events and parties

- 6 hour timer option with an automatic daily cycle

- 50 LED run along 5m flexible wire for easy hanging and decorating

- Powered on 3x AA disposable batteries. Cover battery box for outdoor use

- Includes: 2 x 50 led fairy lights with 6 hours on and 18 hours off timer

The set of two 50 LED amber fairy lights add a simplistic yet effective lighting decor to homes, event venues and indoor parties.

The fairy string lights have 50 LED lights that run along a 5m wire. The wire is flexible which allows different styling ideas including wrapping along railings, table centre decoration and indoor decorating.

Want a power saving option? Choose the 6 hour timer mode which automatically will switch the fairy lights off. With the daily cycle, it will switch back on automatically 18 hours later.

The indoor string lights are powered on 3x AA batteries for easy lighting. Simply replace the disposable batteries once the battery is drained to get the LED lights shining again.


- 50 LEDs
- Wire length: 5m
- Timer option: 6 hours on, 18 hours off
- LED colour: amber
- Battery operated - 3x AA batteries required

What you get

- 50 LED amber fairy lights with 6 hour timer

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