5m, 3.2mm EL Wire with Car Charger - Purple

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- Ready to use 5m EL wire kit. Comes with inverter and 3 choices of power supply:  8 x AA battery box, car charger and mains plug

- Produces colours in a neon glow making it ideal for creating your own signs.

- Very durable & flexible, can be bent to any shape to create images or signs

- Display your creativity through your handcraft

- 2 Modes, Constant & Flashing - can easily switch mode by a press of a button

  • Very low power consumption means longer battery life

  • Applications

    Christmas decoration, festival decoration, DIY toys, art & craft, outdoor signs, car decoration, and much more! EL Wire is perfect for decoration - it can be bent lots of times.

    What you get

    1. 5m EL Wire : 3.2mm thickness
    2. Inverter
    3. 8x AA Battery box
    4. Car Charger
    5. Mains plug

    Please note: photos are for illustration purposes only. You will get only the colours which you have purchased in a 5M length and 3.2mm thickness.

    What is EL Wire?

    EL wire is an amazing flexible lighting product.

    - Totally flexible
    - Cool to touch
    - Non-toxic
    - Produces a true 360 degree radiant SOFT neon GLOW

    EL products are cheaper to install and operate than neon lighting, as well as being more energy efficient.

    Easy to install; some DIY required.

    Electro-luminescent (EL) wire provides a cost-effective visual alternative to traditional neon lighting. EL products are cheaper to install and operate, cooler to the touch, more energy efficient, easier to manipulate and (almost) unbreakable. Brilliant lighting and display solutions can be easily created, for example, for an entertainment environment, or for those who need to illuminate a dark area.

    These EL Wire Kits are supplied with everything you need to get up and running in no time! They provide an impressive 360 degree of illumination. The EL Wire can be bent to any style you see fit! Don't worry about heat or shock due to this design!

    Where can I use EL wire?

    1) Make a sign
    2) Add it to a hat for night-time use/parties
    3) String it around your Christmas tree.
    4) Incorporate it into costumes for safety and/or fun.
    5) Use it to light up your walkways.
    6) Add it to your bicycle for added night time safety.
    7) Add it to your auto for an interesting effect.
    8) Add it to a pet leash
    9) Add it to your steps to light them up and give them a contemporary look


    • Length: 5m
    • Thickness: 3.2mm

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