6V 5Ah Lead Acid Battery Rechargeable Backup Power Source

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- Rechargeable lead acid battery. The perfect accessory to your solar panel kit to store and hold power until required

- Voltage - 6V, Capacity - 5Ah. High quality and performance

- Dimensions: Height: 10cm, Width: 7cm, Length: 5cm Weight: 1.1kg

- Low maintenance: no memory effect and no electrolyte to fill

- Please note: we offer a 6 month warranty on lead-acid batteries. We do not provide lifetime guarantee on this item.

6V 5Ah sealed lead acid battery for rechargeable power. Backup power source with F1 positive and negative terminal.

Replacement battery only, no cables or connectors included.

Use for power bank, 6V electrical devices, solar panel and fountain kits. We recommend to use a convertor for lower voltage devices e.g. 5V phone chargers.

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- Operating voltage: DC 6V
- Model: RN-6V5.0Ah
- Cycle Use: 7.25V-7.45V
- Standby Use: 6.80V - 6.90V
- Max. Charging Current: 1.8A
- Terminals: F1
- Battery: Rechargeable
- Dimensions: Height: 10cm, Width: 7cm, Length: 5cm

What you get

- 1 x 6V 5Ah Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery

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