12 Amber Battery Floating LED Tealights

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- Set of 12 premium fully waterproof, floating LED candles with a steady amber glow

- Enjoy beautiful candlelight with zero danger of naked flame or hot wax

- Long battery life: last 70 hours continuously or more than 2 weeks if used for 4-6 hours each day

- Perfect for your home, wedding, dinner or event. Ideal in water displays, baths and ponds

- No on/off switch - turn on automatically when placed on water. Batteries already installed (and replaceable) - use straight out of the box

Grab a decorative bowl or glass. Fill with water. Add floating LED candles from PK Green. Welcome to a world of exciting lighting displays and endless possibilities.

With a soft, steady amber LED glow, these candles will complete any water display. Cast in an attractive tealight shape, they look great on their own or when grouped together.

Floating candles will add that special something to your home or event - perfect for weddings, parties, dinners, ponds, water displays and more. With a high-efficiency LED, they will last for 70 hours continuously, or more than 2 weeks if used for 4-6 hours per day.

Unlike wax candles, these lights are completely safe. With zero danger of open flames or dripping wax, they're ideal for events and for homes with children.


- Ready to use out of the box
- Height: 4.0 cm (including flame), diameter: 3.6 cm
- Battery requirements: 1 CR2032 battery in each candle (already installed and easy to replace)

What you get

- Set of 12 PK Green amber floating LED candles

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