Aqua Gems Glass Ornament Decorative Water Balls - Yellow

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- Aqua gem beads that soak up water - 5 x packs

- Bright yellow colour for a happy atmosphere.

- Soak the 10g pack of beads in 1 litre of water. Expand to 1.5cm dia.

- Feed plants and flowers with the water absorbing beads.

- Add submersible water lights to illuminate the marble ball effect.

The fun coloured yellow water beads will add a bright decorative addition into venues and homes.

Add the water absorbing beads into glass flower vases, decorative jars and dishes or even into plant pots to show off their colourful finish.

To make the display even more noticeable, set on an led vase base or add a submersible light in your colour choice to illuminate through the marble effect.

The aqua beads make a simple display that shows off an effortless feature for wedding events, table centres and home decor.

The water absorbing feature allows the water balls to feed plants. Add the bio soil balls into plant pots or in the ground to feed water to flowers.

How to use

Add the pack of 10g water beads into a container.
Add 1 litre of water per pack.
Soak for 12-24 hours to absorb enough water.
Drain any excess water and use straight away.

After care

Water beads may shrink after being used for a few weeks. Rehydrate the balls in water for a couple hours.


Odorless, Non toxic, Reusable, Can inflate up to 200 time their original size.

Be Cautious!

Water Beads are not a toy and are not to be swallowed. Do not give to children to play with.
Do not empty water beads down a sink / drain / toilet.

What you get

- 5x packs of water beads - in yellow

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