Battery LED Taper Candles, Amber Steady Push Flame Set of 4


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- Set of 4 LED taper candles. 17.5cm tall red plastic candlestick lights

- Flameless LED amber non flicker flame. Safer alternative to real wax candles

- Long lasting battery candles: works efficiently for 24 hours continuously. Requires 2x AAA batteries per candle

- Suitable for indoor table centerpieces, outdoor decoration and children's plays

- Hassle free candle lighting - no mess or danger to open flames. Batteries are easy to replace and widely available

Set of 4 flameless LED taper candles, 17.5cm tall including flame. These multi-purpose candle lights will provide a safe alternative to real wax candles for all types of events.

The battery operated candles lights up in an amber steady flame light, that can last up to 24 hours continuously. With the LED flame, there’s no more stress over melted wax, open flames and smoke.

Key features

- Soft, steady amber glow
- Realistic flame shape with candlestick - but doesn't blow out in the wind!
- Last for 24 hours continuously illuminated
- No heat, flames, wax or smoke
- Battery operated: no cables, no danger. Put them anywhere, change your displays anytime
- Replaceable, easily available batteries


- Press the flame down to activate on and off
- Battery requirements: 2 x AAA battery per candle (not included)
- Total candle height: 17.5cm (including flame). Diameter: 2cm
- Flame height: 3.5cm
- LED burn time: 100,000 hours
- Material: Red Plastic

What you get

- 4 x Battery powered LED red plastic taper candles with amber flame

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