48 Blue Battery Operated Tea Lights Flicker Flame Candles

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- Premium battery operated tea lights with a flickering blue LED flame

- Heatless, flameless and smokeless. Perfect for family households and event venues.

- Long lasting battery power. The candles will last for 24-48 hours continuously, or a week if used 4-6 hours a day

- Batteries already installed. They are easy to replace and widely available so you'll never have to replace these candles again

- Cool blue candles will look great in candle holders at weddings, events and formal parties

If you're looking for a relaxing light or to turn your home and event into a tranquil display of light, the set of 48 blue tealights are perfectly suited. The ocean blue LED flames on the battery operated tea lights can add a veil of blue light to homes, events or for special occasions and festivals.

The electric tea lights present a flickering led flame in blue that is comparable to real wax candles. They add a realistic candle look without the hassle of melted wax, naked flames or risks of falling over. The LED tea lights can be positioned in any location with the portable battery power and the safe electric flame.

Working off 1x CR2032 battery, the candles have an efficient battery life lasting up to 24-48 hours continuously, perfect for all day events and multiple parties.


- Height: 4.3cm (including flame)
- Diameter: 3.6cm
- Battery requirements: 1 x CR2032 battery in each candle (included)

What you get:
- Set of 48 blue LED tealight candles.

These lights are also available in different colours - including amber, white, colour changing, pink, red and green.

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