Blue LED Candle Holders Frosted Tealights Set of 6

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- Set of 6 LED tealight in frosted holder

- LED blue flameless light for safe indoor decoration

- Battery powered on CR2032 batteries

- A must have for interior decoration, fun event lights and table centerpieces

- Flameless tealights give no heat, smoke or naked flames

LED tealights shining a blue flameless light combined with a frosted candle holder for an intense glow at home and for event table pieces.

The set of 6 flameless tealights in holders give a safe LED light with the battery powered candles. The flame gives out no heat, smoke and is safe to use for indoor venues and homes.

The LED candles include 1x CR2032 battery for lights that can be instantly switched on and working. With a long lasting 6 hour battery, the tealights with holders can be used for all day events or many evenings at home. Simply switch the batteries for a reusable mood lighting.

Note: Available in 5 different coloured flames in frosted holders and 6 coloured tealight holders


- Height: 6cm
- Diameter: 5cm
- Weight: 10g per light

What you get:

- 6x frosted tealight holder with blue LED

What you get:

6x frosted tealight holder with blue LED

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