Climbing Hiking Essential Set - Carabiner, Compass, Torch, Flint

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- Mini camping gift set

- Ideal gift set for outdoor lovers, campers and hikers

- All items are compact and lightweight for easy carrying

- Kit includes handy and compact camping items

- Perfect for gifts with layout and velvet covered setting

This compact gift set is ideal for campers, hiking or just lovers of the outdoors. The items in the gift set are essentials for outdoor living and at compact and lightweight sizes, they will perfectly attach to a bag or rucksack.

The gift set includes a carabiner, a fire lighting flint stick and a compass keyring with white LED light.

Whether the handy kit is for your own enjoyment or as a gift, it will surely make an impact with the velvet effect on the packaging.


- Box Dimensions: 13cm width, 17cm length, 3cm height
- Weight: 100g

What you get

- Camping Mini Gift Set
1 x Mini carabiner
1 x Firelighting flint
1 x Keyring with compass and detachable LED light

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