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Citronella LED Colour Changing Candle In Bucket - Red

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- Premium 9cm citronella colour changing LED candle in bucket

- When you light the wick, the LED will begin to light up

- Made of real wax

- Red bucket holder with dragonfly design

- Citronella scent will keep pests at bay

Here's a practical yet novel lighting idea. The scent and insect repellent benefit of real flame Citronella candle combined with the novel beauty of colour changing LED. The light the flame of the conventional candle and magically, the colour changing LED will light.

Here's how it works: a strand of optical fibre alongside the wick senses the light of the flame and activates a LED light at the candle's base. Once ignited, the LED light cycles through a myriad of colours creating a truly fascinating display.


- Height: 9cm
- Width: 8cm
- Diameter: 8cm
- Weight: 290g
- Battery requirements: 2 x CR2032 batteries are installed (non-replaceable)

What you get

- 1 x citronella LED candle in bucket (Red)

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