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Colour Changing Hanging LED Ball


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- Premium hanging LED mood light ball

- 6 bright colours, 2 transition modes and 1 rainbow gives a wide choice of preference.

- Attached rope allows access to hang and swing

- Super flexi weatherproof material

- Twist coin battery base makes replacing 2x CR2032 batteries simple and easy

Funky. Iridescent. Psychedelic. When you see these hanging colour changing led lights, they strike unique. Dangling from 35 cm long sturdy rope, this mood light can hang from any hook, bringing a statement of colour to any home.

With a range of 7 rainbow colours, watch it transition through the cycle or keep to your favourite with the static feature. This one colour feature lets the glowing orb bring a matching essence to any room scheme, as well as a radiance of coloured light.

With the attached rope, dangle and swing from your wrist and take it out with your friends. Watch as the colours swarm as you swing the balls around, with the black adjustable cuffs attached on your wrists for secure measures.

Easy and portable, with a flexi material makes this poi ball the ultimate toy that will shine brightly in day and night. And once the glow goes out, simply switch the 2x CR2032 with the coin twist battery base.


- Diameter: 8cm
- Weight: 65g

What you get

- 1x hanging led poi ball

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