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Colour Changing Hippo LED Table Decoration Mood Light


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- Light up sitting hippo mood lamp in colour changing LED

- Cute character fit for all ages. 9cm high, sit him on your bedside table or desk

- Small and lightweight - fit on any shelf or table to add character in every room

- Colour changing LED light. Changes through the rainbow in a gradual motion

- Battery operated. Includes 3x LR11 batteries

Set yourself to sleep with the mesmerizing rainbow glow of the colour changing led hippo. As the colours transition through the cycle, your room is filled with a calming sensation and you will feel relaxed instantly.

The portable battery operated mood light lets you place the hippo in any space, perfect for sitting on your bedside table. With an easy on and off switch, you can keep your led light unlit through the day with the white exterior then turn on the colours for the night.

Lasting 4-6 hours, you can keep your dragon-like hippo glowing all evening in the calming aura of the rainbow. Grab all eyes with the psychedelic change of light, smoothly blending from one colour to another.

With a simple screw backing, change the 3x LR11 batteries with ease and get the glow going again. The adorable mood lighting for bedroomsw will suit any age and make the ideal gift.


- 9cm height X 6cm width X 7cm length
- Weight: 55g

What you get

- 1x colour changing led hippo mood light

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