48 Colour Changing Tealights Gradual Change LED Candles

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- 48 colour changing LED tea lights with 7 colour change. Beautiful blend between colours

- High efficiency battery. LED candles will last for 24-48 hours continuously, or an average of a week if used a couple hours a day

- The multi-coloured LED candles can suit all occasions. Light up festivals, weddings, special events, home and garden

- Batteries already installed. Widely available CR2032 batteries that can be replaced easily, making your LED candles long lasting

- Gradual effect mode. Use for home lighting, indoor and outdoor parties and events

Get the whole room glowing in rainbow light with the colour changing candles. The LED tea lights bring a big impact when they are switched on. Gradually flowing through a cycle of coloured light, the flameless candles can uplift any atmosphere.

The multi coloured candles can help decorate parties, festivals, homes and events. With our set of 48, spread the battery tea lights around the venues tables or cover the whole home. With no real flame, heat or wax, feel safe using the electric candles. Battery powered, the t light candles are hazard free and are safe to use in all venues,
home with pets and children and near flammable materials.

Easily replace the CR2032 battery to keep the artificial candle light going. The long lasting battery life will let your home be lit up in colourful light for 24-48 hours continuously.

- Height - 43mm (inc. flame)
- Diameter - 36mm
- Battery requirements: 1 x CR2032 battery in each candle (installed, replaceable)

What you get
Set of 48 colour changing LED candles - gradual change effect

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