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8cm Colour Changing Floating Orb Light Pool Mood Lighting


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- Premium waterproof floating 8cm LED ball

- No ON and OFF button. Light is water activated

- Great for water features - place in ponds and pools

- Coin twist base for easy access to 2x CR2032 batteries

- Perfect for all ages, from playing in the tub to relaxing in a hot tub

Add some bright lights to any pool, pond or water feature with the floating LED ball. With a bright glow, this floating 8cm led sphere will bring a scenic atmosphere to any garden and home.

With 2 metal activation points, the ball base must be placed into water for the LED to light up. Let it float around shining. Watch as the magical globe transitions through a rainbow of colours, radiating this glow and reflecting on the water surface.

With a safe and secure base, the waterproof sphere will happily shine on any water source. Just take a coin to twist and easily replace the 2x CR2032 batteries to keep the rainbow glowing.

These aura orbs will create a breathtaking view when placed in your garden’s pond, basking your garden in a radiance of a multicoloured glow. Watch them transform your bathroom, bringing a magical feel as you relax in the tub. Let the bold lights set the scene and bring a happy mood to any garden party or event.

Make it be the talk of the party as all heads turn towards the waterproof mood lights glowing a cycle of colours and bringing a fun feel to any water source. Any pool party will not be missed, as the floating pool lights illuminate the bubbling water of hot tubs and spas.

Must be set on water for light to turn on. The light does not work out of water contact.


- Diameter: 8cm
- Weight: 65g

What you get

- 1x gradual colour changing LED floating ball
- Also available in white LED

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