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8cm Colour Changing Floating Balls LED Lights - Set of 2


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- Set of 2 waterproof colour changing floating LED balls. 8cm diameter

- Set on water surface for light activation. No ON and OFF switch

- Small and lightweight. Gradual rainbow colour changing light

- Coin twist base to 2x CR2032 batteries

- From garden to grand events, suitable for all occassions.

The party won't stop with these glowing LED globes. Let the light cycle through a rainbow of colours, as the mood light balls settle of the surface of water. With 2 metal activation points, place the LED spheres on the water surface to turn on the glowing light.

In a set of 2, pair up your 8cm LED balls or set the orbs apart and frame window ledges and walls in a water feature. Time the mood lights to glow in sync, changing the colours co-ordinately for a gentle atmosphere to relax and chat in. Or set the colours apart and bring a mini disco of vibrant colours gradually changing at different times.

Bringing a radiance of colourful light that can fit any event; let the 2 shining spheres go from glowing in your garden pond to illuminating a special occasion as table centre features. The LED light will shine all night, for over 8 hours of a cycle of changing colour.

Keep the mood lights alight with easy access to the batteries. With a coin twist battery base, replace the 2x 2032 batteries with ease and keep them waterproof with a tightly sealed base.

Must be set on water for light to turn on. The light does not work out of water contact.


- Diameter: 8cm
- Weight: 65g

What you get

- 2x LED floating ball- gradual colour changing
- Also available in white LED

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