Set of 5 Artificial Flower Lights LED Bulbs - Colour Changing

SKU: LEDFloraLight_CCx5

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- Set of 5 floral lights. Gradual colour changing LED

- Perfect for fun lighting at parties, weddings and at home

- Cord makes hanging easy on tree branches, flower baskets and paper lanterns

- Long lasting battery life. Glows for a continuous 48 hours or over a week

- 2x CR2032 batteries included and already installed. Ready to use straight away

The colour changing floral lights will help add a fun and relaxing theme to your displays. Whether they be flower arrangements, lantern lighting or your outdoor greenery, the gradual motion of the colour change will surely make a statement.

Add into trees and flower beds outdoors, paper lanterns or table centre pieces at events, the elastic cord will make it simple and easy to attach the led flower lights.

The battery operated flower lights will work for 48 hours straight with long lasting 2x CR2032 batteries. Keep the rainbow light glowing for all day events or a pretty light for every evening over a week.


- Easy to turn on/off by pulling the on/off string
- Battery requirements: 2 x CR2032 batteries
- EU design patented

What you get

- 5x colour changing led flower lights.

Changing the batteries: batteries can be easily changed by pressing your flower light in half and replacing the existing batteries. Afterwards, simply press back together.

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