Cube Pendant LED Light, Contemporary Suspension Lamp, 40cm, E27, Colour Changing

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- Large hanging LED cube ceiling pendant light.

- Can use in a commercial venue such as a hotel, spa, restaurant, retail store, bar, café or night club - or for an event such as a wedding, exhibition, trade show or conference.

- Mains powered lamp. For indoor use.

- Multi-colour RGB E27 bulb already installed (replaceable).

- Remote control included. Choose from 16 static colours (including white) and 4 colour changing modes (including gradual colour change). Multi-colour dimmable mood light.

This premium PK Green lamp is mains powered and for indoor use only.

A multi-colour RGB E27 bulb is already installed in the lamp.

Change the colours using the remote control supplied. Choose from 16 colours including white, and 4 colour changing modes (including flash and gradual colour change).

You can also adjust the brightness of the mood lamp using the remote control.

The bulb is replaceable and the fitting is compatible with any other E27 bulb (such as Philips Hue or other smart bulbs).

The cable has L/N wires and a ceiling connector on the end, to allow easy installation. This is the same as a standard ceiling light. The installation should be performed by a qualified electrician.

Since the bulb is already installed, the lamp is ready to use out of the box. Simply plug in, switch on and enjoy.


- Height: 40 cm / 400 mm / 15.7 in
- Length: 40 cm / 400 mm / 15.7 in
- Width: 40 cm / 400 mm / 15.7 in
- Weight: 3.7 kg / 8.14 lb
- Material: high quality PE plastic
- For indoor use
- Mains powered, 110 - 240 V
- Multi colour RGB E27 bulb already installed in the lamp
- Bulb is replaceable, compatible with other E27 bulbs such as Philips Hue
- Bulb fitting: E27 (max 30W LED bulb)
- Cable colour: black
- Cable length: 1.5 metres
- Cable has live / neutral ceiling connector on the end (standard ceiling connection)

What you will receive:

- Premium PK Green LED hanging lamp
- Multi-colour RGB E27 bulb included and already installed in the lamp
- Remote control
- 1.5 metre cable already attached to the light (has L/N wires and ceiling connector on the end)

Please note:

- This multi-colour lamp cannot illuminate an entire room. It is best used for accent lighting and ambient mood lighting.

- If you would like to illuminate an entire room, we have other lamps fitted with a bright white or warm white E27 bulb.

Additional notes for this item:

- This lamp will come with 4 steel suspension cables, for hanging.

- You can adjust the length of the cables to your requirements. Ensure that the weight of the lamp falls on these steel cables.

- The lamp may require extra reinforcement at all points when hanging - for example, where the cable enters the ceiling.

- The installation must be done by a qualified professional. The ceiling and any other fittings used must be strong enough to support the weight of the lamp.

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