Dancing Candle Amber LED with Timer 18cm - Light Green

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- Premium quality dancing flame candle with timer

- Real wax coating for added realism

- Striking light green candle colour

- Long lasting LED performance

- Safe to use around children and pets with LED flame

The first time we saw these candles we thought, striking. The colours are certainly eye catching as is the flame effect you get. The LED candle will create a lovely flickering candle display from homes, events and venues.

The flameless candles also feature a built in timer feature which will switch the candle off after 6 hours illumination only to switch back on again at the same time next day for an easy switch-on candle light that keep the battery lasting even longer.

Lovely to come home to on a dark winter's eve and the added safety and peace of mind of no naked flame. The dancing flame effect makes the battery powered candles look realistic with a flickering amber fake flame.

A choice of three vibrant colours: citrus green, lime flower green and cobalt blue.


- Height: 18cm
- Width: 9cm
- Diameter: 9cm
- Weight: 350g

What you get

- 1 x 18cm dancing candle amber LED with timer (light green).

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