DC Bulb 5W 12V White LED Hanging for Solar, 12V Battery X2

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- 5W DC bulb with white LED

- Handle attached to easily hang up the bulb

- 1m cable attached with crocodile clip ends

- 5W 12V DC output power - portable solar lighting

- LED lighting ideal for outdoors, camping, stalls, solar projects

The hanging LED bulb light provides easy and portable lighting for mood and commercial lighting outdoors and inside. With bright white LED, the bulb gives a clear light for decoration and practical use.

The 5W 12V bulb requires a power system to output the LED. With a 1m wire attached, connect the crocodile clips at the wire ends to a 12V DC battery or a 12V 5W solar panel.

Hang up the light with the attached small handle to make hanging up hassle free. Hook up outdoors, as table lamps or to light up stalls and fayre stands. The hanging bulb gives out a lifetime of 50,000 hours.


- Dimensions: 6cm diameter, 12cm height (including 3cm handle)
- Cable Length: 1m
- Cable Ends: 2x crocodile clips
- Output Power: 5W
- Bulb colour: Cool White (6000K)
- Material: White Plastic
- Lifetime: Up to 50,000 Hours

What you get

- 2x 12V white LED bulb

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