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Dinosaur LED Keyring with Light and Sound

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- Fun dinosaur shaped LED keyring - lights up and emits sound when button pressed

- Ideal to keep in your pocket, bag, glove box - great for those little night-time emergencies!

- Helps you with life's little troubles yet also makes a fantastic gift

- Search the deep dark corners of your bag, find a dropped coin, locate those ever elusive keyholes at night, signal to Mum...

- Cute design with soft contours. Ready to use with batteries already installed

You've come home late after a great night out. Arriving at the front door, the mission begins. The search for the house keys has started, the depths of your bag being scoured...to no avail. Luckily, you've come prepared - with an animal-shaped LED keyring.

The keyring lights the way. Its novelty design and cute noise makes you smile, turning the potentially troublesome situation into a pleasant experience. The keyhole is found, the door opened - mission successful.

Next time you drop a coin or need to find something in the dark, use an animal keychain from PK Green. Not only will it make your task easier, it is sure to bring smiles all around! A nifty solution to your life's little troubles.

- Fun novelty design
- Bright LED light
- Emits sound and lights up when button is pressed
- Long battery life


- Powered by 3 x AG10 batteries (included, installed and replaceable)
- Height: 6cm (max)
- Width: 3.5cm (max)

What you get

- 1 dinosaur shaped LED keyring with light and sound

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