Diwali Diya Floating Tea Lights Colour Changing Candles Set of 12

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- Set of 12 Diwali floating LED candles

- Light illuminates when 2 metal activation points touch water

- Blending colour changing LED flame

- Lasts for 2 weeks if used 4-6 hours a day.

- Perfect for festivals, parties and events

These floating lights will look mystical as the rainbow light reflects on the water. The LED light blends from one colour to another creating a tranquil atmosphere for a relaxing Diwali celebration.

The waterproof finish allows constant floating on the water. Easily accessible, simply twist the base to replace.

Simply pop into the water for the flame to ignite with colour changing light. Lasting for over 70 hours the LED tealights will keep alight for most the festival, or illuminating for 2 weeks if used 4-6 hours a day. Take out of water after use; wipe the base with a tissue and it is ready for next use.

The cool to touch candles are great for special events at venues and households. No wax, no smoke, no flames.


- Ready to use out of the box
- Height: 4.0 cm (including flame), diameter: 3.6 cm
- Battery requirements: 1 CR2032 battery in each candle (already installed, easy to replace, extra batteries available from PKGreen)

What you get

- Set of 12 Diwali colour changing floating LED candles

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