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48 Flameless Green Tea Lights Battery Operated LED Candles

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- Flickering led tea lights with green LED flame. Great for flower displays, events, and in the home

- Fake flame, no wax and cool to touch. Suitable and safe for parties and family households

- Efficient battery life. CR2032 batteries last 24-48 hours continuously or a whole week if used 4-6 hours a day

- Batteries already installed. Easy to replace and widely available

- Green LED candles great for halloween and christmas season, events and parties

The relaxing aura of green LED candles will add a peaceful atmosphere for any occasions. From tea light holders outdoors, to festive parties or home decoration, the battery operated tea lights are suited and long lasting to light up all events.

The candles have a realistic flicker effect to add a real candle-like vibe with the benefits of LED lighting. The cool to touch battery candles have no risks of hot flames, melting wax or being knocked over which makes the battery operated tea lights suitable for households with children and pets and busy events.

The portable candles can be placed in any location running off CR2032 batteries that add no risk to flammable materials and surfaces.

The bright green glow will last all night long with the efficient battery life. Lasting 24-48 hours continuously, the candles are be reused again and again with easy replaceable batteries.

- Height - 4.3cm (inc. flame)
- Diameter - 3.6cm
- Battery requirements: 1 x CR2032 battery pre-installed in each candle (available from PK Green here)

What you get
1x set of 48 green led tea lights

All LED tealight candles are available in alternative colours: amber, white, colour changing, red, pink and blue.
Several different types of battery candles are available: floating, submersible, taper and more.

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