Large 100 cm LED Sphere Ball Light, Indoor E27 Floor Lamp, White, 1 Metre Diameter

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- Extra large cordless LED sphere floor lamp.

- Can use in a commercial venue such as a hotel, spa, restaurant, retail store, bar, café or night club - or for an event such as a wedding, exhibition, trade show or conference.

- Also great for your living room, bedroom, study, lounge or office.

- Mains powered lamp. For indoor use.

- White E27 bulb already installed in the lamp (daylight white, approx. 6500K).

- Bulb can be replaced. Compatible with other E27 bulbs such as Philips Hue and other smart bulbs.

This premium PK Green lamp is mains powered and for indoor use only.

A bright white E27 bulb is already installed in the lamp.

The bulb is replaceable and the fitting is compatible with any other E27 bulb (such as Philips Hue or other smart bulbs).

There is a switch on the cable which allows you to turn the lamp on and off.

Since the bulb is already installed, the lamp is ready to use out of the box. Simply plug in, switch on and enjoy.


- Diameter: 100 cm / 1000 mm / 39.4 in
- Height: 99 cm / 990 mm / 39 in
- Weight: 12 kg / 26.4 lb
- Material: high quality PE plastic
- For indoor use
- Mains powered, 110 - 240 V
- White E27 bulb already installed in the lamp (daylight white, approx. 6500K)
- Bulb is replaceable, compatible with other E27 bulbs such as Philips Hue
- Bulb fitting: E27 (max 30W LED bulb)
- Cable colour: black
- Cable length: 1.5 metres
- On/off switch on cable

What you will receive:

- Premium PK Green mains powered LED lamp
- White E27 bulb included and already installed in the lamp

Additional notes for this item:

- This lamp is large and heavy.

- It may not fit through a regular doorway.

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