Set of 5 LED Floral Light Battery Operated Flower Lights - Red

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- Set of 5 floral lights in red LED

- Great for flower baskets, paper lanterns and outdoor light displays

- Hangs off cord for easy set up on branches, flower baskets and lanterns

- Long battery life. Lasts 48 hours continuously or a week if used every other day

- 2x CR2032 batteries included and already installed. Ready to use straight away

The ruby red floral lights will add a po of colour to any flower display and outdoor greenery. The small LED light will glow a bright red and create a noticing light that can help compliment weddings, special events or your plants at home.

The led flower lights hang off a elastic rope which makes setting them up simple. Tie onto flower baskets, tree branches or on paper lanterns to easily insert a bright light.

The battery operated flower lights require 2x CR2032 batteries to illuminate the LED red light. Long lasting and efficient, the flower lights can last for a continuous 48 hours - ideal for weekend events and evening parties.

- Last for 48 hours continuously illuminated
- Built-in cord - hang on branches, twigs or flower baskets easily
- Re-usable - easily replaceable CR2032 batteries which are readily available


- Easy to turn on/off by pulling the on/off string
- Battery requirements: 2 x CR2032 batteries
- EU design patented

What you get

- 5x Red LED floral lights.

Changing the batteries: batteries can be easily changed by pressing your flower light in half and replacing the existing batteries. Afterwards, simply press back together.

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