Blue Party Lantern Lighting Electric Flower Lights

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- Let these LED floral lights add life to your plant or flower display

- Light up your garden and home or transform weddings and events

- Easily hide and hang with the built-in cord

- Let the light shine for a continuous 48 hour battery life

- Use straight away with included and already installed battery

Bring a big statement with our small floral lights.

Lighting up in a illuminate blue LED, these lights can add a vibrant presentation within your flowers.The highlight can transform your plants, shining the bright light through the translucent petals and creating an aura of tranquil blue.

This atmosphere works great in the garden, showcasing a sea of blue light. Our floral led lights can bring a subtle colouring to endless events including weddings.

Hide the lights and let them shine, creating a colour scheme in all plant arrangements. Pop a few in a flower basket to bring a brand new look to ordinary gifts.

- Last for 48 hours continuously illuminated
- Built-in cord - hang on branches, twigs or flower baskets easily
- Re-usable - easily replaceable CR2032 batteries which are readily available


- Easy to turn on/off by pulling the on/off string
- Battery requirements: 2 x CR2032 batteries (replaceable, available from pkgreenshop)
- EU design patented

What you get

- Your chosen quantity and colour of PK Green LED floral lights.

Changing the batteries: batteries can be easily changed by pressing your flower light in half and replacing the existing batteries. Afterwards, simply press back together.

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