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LED Hippo Night Light Colour Changing Mood Lamp - Set of 3


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- Colour changing LED hippo night light - Set of 3

- Gradual cycle of colour changing LED

- Adorable hippo shaped lamp, perfect for younger children

- Use for a friendly night light on the bedside table

- Battery operated on 3x LR11 batteries. Lasts for 6 - 8 hours continuously

The adorable hippo shaped mood lights will turn the room into a land of colourful light. The small hippo lamps will gradually change through a cycle of colourful LED light, that is ideal for a fun sensory light, a soothing nightlight or a fun party table decoration.

The hippo is 9cm high, making it the perfect companion on your bedside table, desk or as a gift for friends and family.

The mood light is operated on 3x LR11 batteries which are easily accessible and replaceable. With a long lasting battery life, the hippo will glow for 6-8 hours continuously. Use the on/off which on the base to save the battery life and turn the hippo back to its white outer colour. With an easy on and off switch, you can keep your led light unlit through the day with the white exterior then turn on the colours for the night.


- Height: 9cm
- Width: 6cm
- Length: 7cm
- Weight: 55g

What you get

- 3x colour changing led hippo lights

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