LED TV Simulator Home Security Sensor Light Intruder Deter

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- Realistic TV simulator to deterrent intruders and burglars

- Produces TV LED light for the illusion that someone is at home watching TV

- Mimics the light, scene and color changes of a real television

- Built-In Light Sensor: Auto trigger at dusk and automatic shut-off after 6-8 hours

- LED Light. Consumes only two watts of energy. Help reduce the running cost of the home security TV and a much safer option

The realistic TV simulator produces a LED light that gives the illusion of someone watching the TV. The device mimics the light, scene and colour changes of a real TV.

Feel safe leaving your home with the TV simulator plugged in. The eco-friendly LED light consumes only 2 watts of energy. The LED simulator provides a safer option than leaving a real TV running for a long period of time.

It automatically switches on when it turns dusk and turns itself off after 6-8 hours. The lighting makes your home unappealing for any intruders or robbers, giving you peace of mind when leaving your home. Manually switch the simulator on and off with the slider switch on top.


- Turns on automatically at dusk
- Simple to setup and install
- Turns off after 6 - 8 hours
- Can be left to operate by itself
- Equipped with high sensitive CDS sensor to automatically activate the unit at night
- 3 blue and 2 white super bright LED to imitate the illumination from the TV
- Dual power sources


- Dimensions: 9cm x 8cm x 4cm
- Weight: 100g
- Battery Requirements: 3 X AA batteries or 4.5V DC adapter (not included)

What you get

- 1x TV simulator LED light

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