Light Up Shoelaces LED Green Trainer Lights Set of 2


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- Bright green shoelaces with LED lights

- Green LED light. Choose from off, static, flashing and strobe lighting

- Set of 2 laces will brighten up any pair of shoes

- Use for costume parties, sport days and fun shoe accessories

- Battery operated. Laces last 24-48 hours continuously

Fun LED shoelaces that light up in green LED. Whether you want to brighten up your pair of trainers, you have a costume party coming up or want to be seen in the dark on evening jogs, the light up laces at perfect for the job.

The laces are bright green and are attached to a battery box. Press the on/off switch to choose between a glowing green light, a fast flash or a slow flash option. Press again to turn the light off.

Unscrew the 4 small screws of the battery box to access the batteries and replace to keep the laces glowing. The LED light lasts between 8-12 hours, depending on light mode chosen.


- Length of lace: 60cm (from battery box to end of lace) 120cm overall
- Lace colour: green
- LED colour: green

What you get

2x green shoelaces with green led lights

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