Mini Digital Ammeter and Voltmeter LED Display DC 0-100V/A

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- Mini dual digital ammeter and voltmeter

- Digital LED screen

- Red LED for volts and blue LED for amps

- Suitable for 100V, 10A. Car Battery Voltage Current Monitor

- 5 wires to connect to battery and measure current

The mini digital ammeter voltmeter will display a measurement of a voltage between 0-100V DC and a current between 0-100A. The display has dual measurements which will shine in blue LED for the amp current and red LED for the voltage. The meter has a 5 wire system. A thin red and black wire to connect to the power supply and 3 thick red, black and green wires to measure the voltage and current supplied to the attached DC power device.

Note: If the black thin wire is free, use insulating tape around the exposed wire to prevent short circuiting.
Wiring should be done by a professional
Manual can be provided upon request.

Wiring Method

The thin black wire(GND)-Power supply GND
The thin red wire(VCC)-Power supply VCC
The thick black wire(COM)-The measured signal negative
The thick green wire(I+)-The current input terminal
The thick red wire(Vin)-The measured signal positive


- Power Supply: DC4.5-28V
- Update rate: About 500 ms/time
- Model Number: 3bit 0.28 LED digital tube
- Measurement range:DC 0.0-100V & DC 0.0-10A
- Lead wire length: 15 cm (Five wires)
- Size: length - 48mm, width - 29mm, height - 26 mm
- Operating Temperature: -10 degrees - 65 degrees
- Weight: 20g

What you get

- 1x dual digital ammeter voltmeter

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