Mini Digital Thermometer LED Display DC Power Input Battery

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- Mini digital thermometer with LED dispay

- Red LED display for easy reading

- Requires DC power input. Connect the two leads to a postive and negative input

- Easy to use, with 17cm length red and black cables

- Metal probe for temperature

Connect to a DC power supply like a 12V battery for cars, solar panels, boats.

Measure the temperature using the metal probe at the end of the black wire.

Connect the red and black bare end wires to the correct battery terminals. Red should connect to positive and black should connect to negative.

Start to measure the temperature. The LED screen should show up a room temperature measurement first, then start to increase or decrease.


- Dimensions: 3cm high, 4.7cm width, 2.5cm depth
- Operating voltage: DC 12V

What you get

- 1x Digital thermometer

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