Mini Glass Lucky Buddha Figurine with Velvet Gift Pouch

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- Mini Coloured Glass Buddha. Gift to give luck all year round

- Random selection from 12 varied colours. From clear to pink to deep blue

- Comes in red velvet pouch - ready to be gifted

- Keep in your bag, or set out as decoration

- Rub his belly for good luck!

Colour of Buddha will be chosen at random

Take this lucky Buddha out with you, tucked away in his fabric pouch for protection. Keep him in your bag, purse, pocket, car; and always have a touch of luck with you.
Varying in 12 different colours, the glass laughing Buddha can be collected or shared amongst your friends.

Cheerful, the mini glass Buddha will happily sit on your window sill and spread his happiness. Rub his belly and you’ll carry luck with you all day.

Settled in a red velvet pouch, the mini Buddha is ready to be gifted to friends and family for a good luck charm or a stocking filler.


- Height: 3cm
- Diameter: 3cm
- Bag: 7.5 x 5.5cm

What you get

- 1x mini glass Buddha (random colour choice) in red velvet pouch

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