Spare Stone and Tubing for Oxygenating Air Pump Aeration Kit

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- Spare aerator clear plastic tubing and air stone kit

- 2M length of tubing with 0.5cm thickness for good airflow

- 3cm air stone attached to end of tubing

- Insert air stone and tubing directly into pond / pool

- Ideal for all PKGreen water oxygenating kits

Clear plastic tubing with an air stone for solar and battery oxygenators and pumps. Spare part for aerator kit.

Use the clear tubing to direct airflow into garden fish and plant ponds, pools and water features.

Replacement spare tube and stone for aerators when the tube gets clogged or stone gets dirty or covered in algae.

Ideal for 1.5w oxygen pump kit and 2.5w aeration pump kit with battery backup.



- Length: 2m
- Thickness: 0.5cm
- Material: Plastic

Air stone:

- Diameter : 3cm
- Material: Porporus stone

What you get

- 2m length of clear tubing with an air stone for aerator kits

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