Pink Frosted Votive Candles LED Tealight Holders Set of 6

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- Pink LED flameless tealight with candle holders

- Combined tealights with frosted plastic outer holder

- Each candle includes 1x CR2032 battery for instant use

- Use for parties, indoor events, and interior decoration

- Battery operated. Reusable led candle lighting

The battery operated led tealights with candle holders are ideal for an ambient and subtle light, whether they glow indoors at home or for special events at venues.

The flameless tealights glow a pink LED light that is surrounded by an outer holder with a frosted effect.

Powered on 1x CR2032 battery each, they can provide a long lasting 6 hour flame, ideal for evening events and home lighting. The easy replaceable batteries make the tea light holders reusable for many occasions.

Note: Available in 5 different coloured flames in frosted holders and 6 coloured tealight holders


- Height: 6cm
- Diameter: 5cm
- Weight: 10g per light

What you get

- 6x frosted tealight holder with pink LED

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