Multi Coloured Valentine's Tealights LED Battery Lights Set of 12

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- Valentines colour changing battery powered tealight.

- Gradual colour changing LED light for a romantic mood setting

- Add into tealight holders for bedrooms, dining tables, bathrooms and event venues

- Operated off CR2032 batteries for a LED long lasting glow of 24-48 hours

- Easily replaceable batteries to use for many more events

No light can create a soothing aura like the colour changing LED tealights. The soft transition through a rainbow of colours can add a relaxing feel all through the home. Light up for Valentine's day to set the mood and make the scene. The soft light is battery powered, making the special night stress free without worry of wax, fire and smoke.

Set in tealight holders as you eat a cooked meal, add into the bathroom or bedroom or illuminate the front door in lanterns for a special entrance.
The long lasting batteries will keep the Valentine tealight glowing for a continuous 24-48 hours, making them ideal to reuse at other special events and occasions.

The battery tealights are an essential Valentine's day gift idea for your loved ones and home decoration.

The candles are white when switched off. When switched on the flame will light up colour changing.


- Height: 4.3cm
- Diameter: 3.6cm
- Weight: 0.05g

What you get

- 1x Valentine's set of 12 colour changing LED tealight

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