Safety Clip On Light, 4 LED Mini Torch for Running Jogging

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- LED clip on safety light for joggers, cycling, camping, running

- 4 LED emergency light with easy clip on back

- 4 flash modes. Hold down power button to switch on/off. Press to switch light opti

- Portable and lightweight safety light, easy to use for outdoors and in the dark

- Colour selection at random from: purple, green, white and black

The clip on LED lights are a nifty way to bring illuminescent wherever you go. The small lights simply clip on to anything with the moveable clip on the back..

Attach the led light to your pocket, bag, camping gear, tents or belts.

Available in 4 different colours, the portable light not only have a colourful exterior, the light is also tinted too. The keyring is randomly chosen from purple, green, white or black.

Hold down the power button to switch on or off. Press the button to skip through the 4 LED lighting options of static light, flash, moving LED or moving patterned LED.


- Battery: 2x CR2031 (installed, non replaceable)
- No. of LEDs: 4

Colour options: purple, green, white or black

What you get

- Clip on LED torch light (colour chosen at random)

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