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Set of 2 High Vis LED Safety Bands

SKU: Led.SafetyBandx2

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- This set of 2 high visibility LED safety bands will ensure that you are seen in the dark. Perfect for late-night walks, or jogging when visibility is poor

- Rapid Velcro fastening: simple to put on yourself or even your pet. Easily adjustable to perfectly fit any wearer

- 4 flashing, bright red/orange LEDs embedded in a high-viz material

- Ideal for walking, jogging, running, cycling, horse riding, hiking or walking your pet

- Durable, simple to use and powered by one CR2032 battery (included and easily replaceable)

You're going outdoors for a walk. Your pet is with you. It's late, dark and the surroundings just about visible. You're not worried, though, since you're using a PK Green LED safety band. With 4 flashing, bright, red LEDs embedded in a high-visibility material, you can finally enjoy that late evening walk instead of constantly worrying about your safety.

PK Green LED safety bands are ideal for jogging, cycling, hiking and walking your pet. With a rapid Velcro fastening system, they are easy to put on yourself or even on a pet. This also makes them adjustable to perfectly fit any individual. The high-efficiency LEDs mean that they have a long battery life.

Durable, simple to use and with an easily replaceable battery (included), you'll never have to replace these LED armbands again. Which means you and your family can stay safe in the dark, forever.

Key features

- 4 red/orange bright, flashing LEDs
- Long battery life
- Made of high-visibility material
- Comfort-fit Velcro fastening: easily adjustable for each wearer
- Ideal for walking, jogging, running, cycling, horse-riding, hiking or walking your pet
- Can place around arm or leg


- Switch on/off by pressing on/off button once
- Total length: 43.5cm
- Length of fluorescent band: 22.5cm
- Width: 3cm
- Battery requirements: 1 x CR2032 battery in each armband (included and already installed. Easy to replace - extra batteries are available in our shop)

What you get

- 2 PK Green high-visibility LED safety bands

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