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Set of 3 Pendant Shaped LED Green Teardrop Fairy Lights


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- Set of 3 green led pendant fairy string lights

- Protective teardrop shaped metal mesh design

- String in your garden for green theme or at events

- Available in 5 more colours!

- Hassle free battery pack, with 2 simple screws to replace batteries

Go green with these illuminate fairy lights in your bedroom, home or garden. The 3 green pendant string lights will bring a gorgeous glow and refreshing light, coordinating to any colour scheme.

The mesh styled metal design will bring an effective glow, casting patterns along walls and ground. Sturdy and strong, your led bulbs will be protected while throwing out bright light through a patterned exterior.

Suited for every event, hang up these glowing orbs and add a splash of colour to marquees, bedrooms, home decor and match with the garden. Or pop next to your bed for a relaxing light to fall gently asleep too.

Keep the green going with simply undoing two smalls crews to access 2x CR2032 batteries. Discretely hide the flat battery pack, along with hanging across a 53cm clear wire.


- Height: teardrop - 4.5cm, wire: 0.2cm
- Length: teardrop - 2.5cm, wire - 53cm
- Weight: 55g
- Battery: 2x CR2032

What you get

- 1x Set of 3 pendant fairy lights - Green LED

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