Set of 4 Submersible Pool and Pond LED Lights with 2 Remotes

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- Set of 4 LED submersible lights with 2 remote controls

- Option of 16 static colour or 4 modes of changing rainbow

- Long lasting battery life for 48 hours. Each light require 3x AAA batteries (not included)

- Ideal in ponds, pools, water features and fountains

- Make your outdoors bright and colourful. Perfect for weddings and events

All occasions need lights dotted here and there to give a party vibe. Why leave out any water features?

The set of 4 LED submersible lights will bring a flash of light to any pond or pool, radiating a rainbow under the water. Create an illuminate aura of mystic light as the LED lamps will sink to the bottom of your water feature to shine out underneath.

Shining through 10 LEDs, these radiant colour changing lights will help bring a burst of colour to your lawn, place in a flower bed, along a pathway or around the edges for a coordinated colour scheme.

Put the waterproof lights at pool parties, in baths and hot tubs and easily change colour with two remotes for more control. Pick through a range of 16 colours to suit the theme of your garden. Want your led lights to join in with the event? Set it to flash, strobe, fade or smooth to set your alternating colours to the rhythm of the music.

Easily instructed on the base of your submersible light, simply twist open to change 3x AAA batteries for lasting light.


- Height: 3 cm
- Diameter: 7cm
- Weight: 70g
- Battery: 3x AAA
- Battery life: 48 hours

What you get

- 4 x submersible 10 led lights
-  2x remotes

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