Luminary Lanterns with LED Tea Lights Set of 4 - Snowflake

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- Set of 4 tealight lantern bags with flameless tealights

- Weigh down with sand or stones for sturdy paper lantern decorations

- Choose from white or amber flickering LED tealights

- Great for decorative outdoor and indoor weddings, events and formal occasions.

- Snowflake pattern will let the illuminant candles shine for all year occasions.

Create an atmospheric party with the illuminate lantern bags. Lit up by the flameless tealights inside, watch them enhance the silhouette of the snowflake design shape.

By adding a little sand or a few pebbles, weigh the paper lanterns down and lie down and around your garden for outdoor gatherings, al fresco dining or simple garden lights.

With the set of 4 battery tealights, a candle flame can be replicated with LED light. The safe and secure candles will light up the paper lanterns all evening long. The long lasting batteries can keep the candles flickering for 24 - 48 hours.


- Height: 27cm
- Length: 14.5cm
- Width: 9cm

What you get

- Set of 4 candle bags with snowflake design
- Set of 4 tealight in your colour flame choice

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