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Solar Air Pump Oxygenator for Garden Ponds 0.6W Panel 100LPH


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- Solar powered pond oxygenator pump kit

- 0.6W solar panel with 6V DC pump

- Use for koi pond, fish ponds and plant water tanks in summertime

- Provides 100 litres per hour

- Kit includes: pump, panel, ground spike, air stone and clear tubing

This solar aerator pump kit brings in a circulation of oxygen for ponds with fish and plants. It keeps oxygen levels constant and plentiful in the pond water.

The solar pump kit is powered by a 0.6W panel that can be angled towards the sun with the included ground spike. The position where the panel can obtain bright and direct sunlight for efficient power to the air pump with 3m cable length.

The pond oxygenator pump includes an air stone attached to a 2m clear tubing where oxygen is gradually dispersed, giving out 100 litres per hour.

The environmentally friendly solar aerator gives a stream of oxygen without any running and maintenance costs. It can easily be hidden and disguised with the green coloured exterior.

Air pump should not come in contact with water.

Panel Specifications

- Dimensions: 17.5cm x 13cm x 3cm
- Wattage: 0.6

Pump Specifications

- Pump dimensions: 9cm length, 5.5 width, 3.5cm height
- Operation Voltage: 6V DC
- 3m cable

What you get

- Solar air pump kit including:
Green air pump
0.6w solar panel
2m clear tubing with air stone
Ground spike set

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