Solar Fan 12V 30W DC + High Capacity Lithium Battery + 2 LED Bulbs

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- SOLAR DC FAN & LIGHTING SYSTEM: High quality 12V DC fan, 2 x 3W DC LED bulbs, 30W solar panel & Lithium backup battery

- HIGH CAPACITY LITHIUM BATTERY: Unlike other systems which use heavy, cumbersome lead-acid batteries, this system uses a lightweight, portable, high capacity Li-Ion power bank

- OUTPUTS: 2 x 12V 4.5A DC | 2 x 5V 3A USB to charge mobile phone, tablet | 1 x 19V 3A DC to charge some models of compatible laptop

- POWERFUL 30W SOLAR PANEL: Monocrystalline, weatherproof 30W solar panel included. MAINS ADAPTOR SUPPLIED WITH FAN & BATTERY: For use on cloudy days or indoors

- PORTABLE 12-INCH COOLING FAN: 3 speed settings. 60-minute timer. 39 x 38 x 15cm. 2 x 3W LED DC BULBS with on/off switch. The perfect off-grid ventilation & lighting kit for camping, caravan, motorhome, tent, car, garage, shed, barn, stable, outhouse, boat

This 12V solar DC fan & lighting system with powerful Lithium battery is perfect for places where mains electricity is not available - for example: camping sites, caravans, campervans, motorhomes, farms, shed, garage, boat, car, stables, barns. Also ideal for ventilating & lighting your greenhouse or shed.

Unlike other systems which use heavy lead-acid batteries, this system uses a lightweight, portable, high capacity Lithium (Li-Ion) battery.

This complete solar home system includes:

- 12V DC fan
- 2 x DC LED bulbs
- 30W solar panel
- Lithium battery power bank with 2 x 12V DC outputs, 1 x 19V DC output, 2 x 5V USB outputs
- Mains adaptors supplied with fan & battery, for use indoors or on cloudy days

DC fan specifications

- 3 speed settings
- 60 minute spring timer
- Oscillating grill for even airflow distribution
- Dimensions: 39 x 38 x 15 cm
- Weight: 1.35kg

Solar panel specifications

- High efficiency monocrystalline module. Rated power: 30W
- All weatherproof: suitable for outdoor use
- Weight: 3.1kg

Lithium battery power bank specifications

- Outputs: 1 x DC 19V, 2 x DC 12V, 2 x 5V USB
- Battery: Lithium Li-Ion 18650
- Battery capacity: 97.68Wh - 115.44Wh
- Input: 18V-22V solar panel (included) or 19V/1.5A adaptor (included)
- Outputs: 19V 3A / 12V 4.5A / 5V 3A (when only using 1 output)
- Charging time: 8-10 hours
- Dimensions: 150 x 98 x 48 mm
- Weight: 780 g

- Bulbs included: 2 x 3W DC LED bulbs
- Bulb lighting time: 8-45 hours
- Bulb cable: 5m with switch

With fan & 2 bulbs connected, battery will last 6-7 hours on full charge.

What you get

- 12-inch 12V DC fan
- 30W solar panel
- 2 x DC LED bulbs
- Lithium battery power bank
- 2 x mains adaptor (for fan & battery)

Please note: the fan only produces cool breeze. It cannot produce hot air or act as heater.

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