26cm Solar Fountain Large Float Pad for Pond Water Features

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- 26.5cm foam float pad for bigger solar fountains and pumps

- Use for fountain pump water features in deep ponds and pools

- Large round foam pad keeps fountain pump afloat near water level

- Ideal for heavy pond pumps for example - 12V-24V DC pumps, mains powered pumps

- 1.4cm inner circle dia. Diameter - 26.5cm, thickness - 2cm

26cm round foam pad for heavy fountain pumps.

Made of foam, the round float pad will keep the water fountain pump floating near water surface level.

This float pad will keep the pump floating in deep ponds, pools.

We also have float pads available in 16cm and 22cm round shape and 18cm oval shape.


Shape: Round Diameter: 26.5cm
Thickness: 2cm
Material: Foam
Inner circle diameter: 1.4cm

What you get

1x large round float pad (26.5cm)

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